My baby is in a big boy bed!

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My baby is in a big boy bed!

WAHHHH! I thought I was ready for this...but he looks soooo small in his twin bed! And now I'm going to have to dismantle the crib and get rid of it...think I'll wait a day or two on that one Smile Alicia has been insisting on sleeping with us for months...a few days ago she asked to sleep with DJ. I was not about to put her in the crib...but he has a twin bed in his room, so she slept in there for 4 nights. And slept through the night AND took naps for the first time in months!!!! YAY!!! Well, it was great...but she can climb in to and out of the crib...and she taught DJ. So tonight we moved his twin mattress onto the floor in her room and put them both to bed. I went to check on them and Alicia did a dive bomb onto the twin that is supposed to be DJ's and is now littered with stuffed animals and blankets (her bed is naked). As calmly as possible I asked her where DJ was...she pointed to this little lump on the floor. He was asleep, sitting on his bum, with his head on his bed...and his delightful (ha!) sister has taken his bed. So I tucked him into her twin bed (on the boxspring so I hope he doesn't roll!) and he snuggled right in. Le sigh...they grow up SO fast!


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Sounds like a smooth transition so far! I can't believe how big our little ones are getting either!

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Wow. How did it go the rest of the night?

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had to laugh and the image of him on the floor with his head on the bed. Wink

So happy it is going so well with the transition, but I agree they are getting too big, too fast!

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I can't even imagine the idea of DD in a bed other than her crib. I'm sure I will get there one day. Glad your transtion seemed to go smooth though. Smile