My Nephew is Having Surgery UPDATED

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My Nephew is Having Surgery UPDATED

My nephew is having open heart surgery on Wednesday. Please keep him in your prayers!

My nephew, Alex, had surgery today and is doing well considering what he went through. He had a bypass done and the pulmonary valve was not repairable so the right ventricle was tied off and he will have a single ventricle heart. His heart is working on its own but they have a temporary pace maker that is setting the pace that his heart beats at. He is still breathing via a ventilator and will continue that for the next few days until he is recovered a little more. They feel that his lung capacity is okay and things are as well as can be expected. He has many more tubes than what he had in the beginning to help blood drainage from his heart, lines for the pacemaker, and additional IV lines. He is completely sedated and will remain that way for up to a few days depending on how he recovers. He is also being given several blood products to help his body keep up. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for Alex and all his family and please continue to pray for a successful recovery!

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I'll be thinking of your guys and saying prayers for your precious nephew.

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Thanks for KUP! Thoughts and prayers for your nephew and family.

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I hope that everything turns out well... We are praying for their whole family!!

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He is in our prayers!

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Big Hugs!!