Need Potty Training help

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Need Potty Training help

any WAH moms that can give advice about potty training? I wish I could just take some time off and be consistent with it.

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I am not a WAHM, but I can say that letting Reed guide the process is important. I am a big believer that kids will train when they are ready. Just continuing to expose them to it is more important than anything else. Sure, there are some kids who need extra motivation. However, I think most kids just need a little guidance. I am not sure what other advice you are seeking, but that is what worked for us. I will say that my DS was about 2 years, 5 months when he decided he needed to use the potty all the time. Before that, he would sit on it, but he just wasn't ready to use it consistently. All kids are different.

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Hi Noelle - I just happened to see this on the "new posts" tab, and since I know you from the Debate Board I wanted to respond. Smile

I agree with the PP. I am a WOHM, and I was feeling the same frustrations that you are - I wasn't with him during the day except on the weekends, and I felt like it was really hard to be consistent. T was 3 before he really started using the potty every day with few accidents, but honestly I don't even know how much my consistency or lack there of even had to do with it. One Saturday morning, he just woke up and decided that he wanted to wear big boy underpants, and go on the potty, and that was pretty much that. He was ready when he was ready, and not a day before. But once he was ready, it was super easy. Sure, he occasionally still has accidents, and I do still remind him, but it hasn't been a struggle at all. He wants to do it, and that makes it 10000x easier. So my advice is to encourage him to use the potty, but to also not stress, and let him go at his own pace.

The things that I can recommend in the meantime are doing things that help to support the skills he will need to be potty independent. If you haven't already, start working with him on how to manage his own clothing (pull his pants up and down by himself), washing his hands, how to climb up on the potty (if you're using a potty seat that sits on an adult toilet). Help him recognize his own signals when you can - for example, if you notice that he starts to squat and grunt when he's going to the bathroom, point it out to him like "Oh, do you need to potty?" and take him to the potty if he is interested. Get him a book about pottying (we have the Potty Book for Boys) and read it to him, maybe even when he's sitting on the potty if he will sit that long. Get him big boy underpants, and let him pick them out to get him excited about wearing them. Stuff like that. Good luck!

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You've gotten some good advice already. I don't know why there is such a push to have them trained so young! My DD has been trained about 6 months, she wasn't ready until she was 3. DJ is showing interest and will go if he asks to go on the potty, but its usually when DD is going and power of suggestion. He doesn't recognize his own bodies signals yet. We use rewards, they get a jubejube when they go on the potty and they get to watch one episode on TV if someone poops.


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Thank you girls!!!

The push is coming from my mother who says he needs to be potty trained by 2 1/2 and daycare won't move him into the next classroom until he is comfortably in pull ups.

Also, I always forget these acronyms...I work away from the house, so that WOHM?? lol! too much to remember