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New Picture

Just wanted to share the new picture of Richie in my signature. We were at my sister's and she just has a knack for getting him to smile for the camera that I don't seem to have anymore! He won't slow down long enough for me to take a picture of him! I think it might be because she a really professional looking camera too. Anyways, why doesn't everyone else share a new picture on this thread too so we can see everyone. They don't look like babies anymore, they look like little kids!!

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He is adorable! I just posted pics of mine in the 18 mo check in.

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Cute picture! One of my most recent of Ethan is also in the 18 month check in.

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How cute. There is a new picture in my signature Smile

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Reed and his Aunt Jen at her swearing in ceremony as a Firefighter.

Reed and his Fire truck (bought by his aunt, but I guess you could have guessed that one. Wink )