Potty training

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Potty training

Anyone else? We've been training Alicia and it has suddenly clicked for her! Yay! DJ is very very interested in this and so my Mom suggested we put him on the potty when she goes. So far, we've had a pee every time. Now, he's not staying dry all the time in between (but all day today until supper!) but its a good start. I think its the smarties they get as a treat! So, I may be diaper free around here by the end of the summer. YAAAAAAAY!

Anyone else even thinking about this yet? I sure wasn't planning on it until next summer.


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Ethan has been showing an interest in the potty so when he asks (he says "potty") we have him sit on the potty. Tonight he actually peed. I was so excited! I am not too serious about potty training him yet but don't want to discourage his interest either.

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Mady usually goes at least 1x day in the potty - last Th, Fr and Sa, she pooped in the potty every day! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with watching her 3.5 year old brother...

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Reed shows absolutely no interest.

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I got the potty out & it's in the bathroom... does that count as training?? Ha! So far, I'm just introducing it. She sits on it but we haven't had any usuage yet. I'm not rushing it. My belly is so big right now... it just isn't convenient. I'm going to just follow her lead... when she's ready, she will be ready.