Potty Training Help!

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Potty Training Help!

DS is having a hard time potty training. He is going to be 3 soon and I want him to advance classes (he would be the only one with his friends not moving up), but he can't till he is pretty much fully trained. He does great when he is naked and listens to his body, but as soon as you put undderpants its a different story.

I will make him sit on the potty, but he rarely asks to go.

We have a sticker chart and he likes to put stickers on it, but it doesn't seem as effective as it first was.

It worries me that he doesn't mind peeing or pooping himself (actually never has even since he was a baby). He just does it.

Any Advice??????? We have four weeks till he is supposed to switch rooms.

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If you were able to spend the week at home with him, I would suggest devoting the whole week to potty training. Sort of like a potty boot camp. Just a week focused on it. The beginning of the week starts out with TONS of accidents. All three of my girls were mostly trained by the end of the week. If you can't stay home a whole week, can you take a long weekend? Good Luck!!

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How's it going Noelle? DJ showed no interest until he was good and ready...then we just had to find the right reward. For DJ it was cars...we went to Value Village and bought a TON of little cars...he got one whenever he used the potty. He was trained in about a week.


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I hope that you made progress with potty training. Smile My girls are the same. They will be 3 at the end of November, and they like to get rewards for using the potty, but rarely indicate the need to go. I work full-time and I cannot devote any time to it myself, except at night (and then we are taking my DS to activities most evenings). I must rely on their daycare to push it during the day. I have let them know that they need to step it up during the day. I just tell myself that they will do it eventually. I know it is becoming reality for many parents, but I am very against not allowing kids into preschool because of potty training. Some kids just need a little more time and it is not okay to deny academics because a child is not physically ready to wear underwear. Just my soapbox for the day. Smile

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It's getting better, but he rarely asks to go.

he did get to move up to the next classroom and they help take him each day and he is really excited when he doesn't have an accident all day long.

I just think he wasn't quite ready when daycare wanted him to be.