Remnants of Pregnancy - TMI

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Remnants of Pregnancy - TMI

So, when I was pregnant I would sometimes pee myself a little. Totally embarrassing, but understandable druing pregnancy.

Unfortunately it hasn't gone away. Anyone else have this? Its not as often, but frequently especially if I have drank alot of fluids that day.

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Ugh, sadly, I have the same problem. Have since having DS1... 6 years ago! I know its horribly annoying and embarassing... I tend to just wear panty liners most of the time. Its crappy... I was told to do kegels and that would help. But it didn't help me. I am assuming that I can just either get a small surgery or medication to help, like what they would do for normal incontinence issues... but I am going to try to wait it out until I am done having kids...

Sorry this is the most helpful response, but you arent alone at least...

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Not that I want you to have this issue too, but at least I don't feel as freakish. Wink

I've heard the same advice and I think there is a surgery too, but I agree with you, I'll wait till I'm done having the kiddos.

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Yep, same issues here. I am done having kids, but not yet ready to deal with it. Pantyliners are my best friend these days.

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I have that issue too! Glad to know we are not alone!

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lmao! Apparently this is not strange at all. I guess its just one of those items on the list they talk about when women with children tell you "your body will never be the same again".... They just don't want to tell you all the dirty secrets of what that really means. lol!

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I have it too. I found that doing the Kegels has helped me. I definitely still do it, but not as much and not as much pee comes out (sorry TMI!)

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I had this problem terribly after DD2. I did a slew of kegle exercises and have never had the problem since.