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Still Nothing...

So we are quickly approaching Griffin's 18 month "birthday" and appt. He still has zero words. I know that the pediatrician is going to say something about it again, but Orion was the same way and shortly after 2 he burst and was age-appropriate within weeks. I dont want to get Griffin in speech therapy if we/he doesn't need it, but I also don't want to NOT get him help if he does, and if he turns 2 or 2.5 and still has no words and is really behind I am going to feel bad that I never did anything... I am just torn right now.

If I look at him alone, without comparing him to other babies his age - he is happy, healthy and he communicates fine. He can point, grunt, gesture well enough to get his needs across, and picked up some baby sign language in TWO hours :eek:! His receptive language is also awesome, he can understand when I ask him to do two-step (and some three-step) processes (get your shoes and bring them to me), and he can shake his head yes or no in response (although that is a recent development). His physical skills are also impressive, he can run, walk, climb, hop, and much more. He is big into pretend play, and mimicking things we do around the house (talking on the phone, cooking, cleaning, etc)

We do read to him, and talk to him alot. We know to make him "ask" for things before we give them to him, and really get excited with any type of sound or talking. He picked up the baby sign language pretty well but I am not as great at teaching it to him, because to be honest I just dont think about talking that way and its hard to remember to do the signs all the time.

I just feel like I am in a limbo and no matter which way I choose to go, I am worried I will feel guilty about it later... Anyone elses baby still have no words?

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Richie also has no words at all. He just grunts, growls, and babbles. He is not responsive to sign language at all. He is already in speech therapy. It started out to address his feeding issues which he is making tremendous progress on, but she is also going to work with him on speech too and so far no progress with that. I know he knows what we are saying because he too follows directions and answers our questions through his actions and gestures. I would say to put him in the speech therapy if the dr recommends it. I certainly cannot hurt him in any way and you may regret it if it gets further down the line and he's not making progress on his own. Hope this helps!!

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I'm sorry you are worried. I would pursue the therapy if I was you. Alicia had few words at 18 months (3) and only a couple more at 2. Now at almost 3 we are on the waiting list for therapy. I too thought that she would outgrow it and both my husband and I were late talkers. She is advanced for receptive language but struggles with making certain sounds and linking more than one sound together to make a word. Its getting better, it seems the more we are around other children, the more words she uses. I would have him assessed so that if you have to get on a waiting list, you are working your way through that list. I think its important to get them help early on so they are not held back later. We are having trouble with Alicia now that we wouldn't have if I had not had my head in the sand and had addressed her needs earlier.


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We are in the same situation only not with speaking, but walking. Caitlyn can walk, but not very far. Just a few steps at a time. The doctor wants her to see a physical therapist, but DH and I think we should wait. She is walking some, and she was 8 weeks early and had a spine surgery. It is hard not to second guess yourself though. It would be nice to have a manual that told you all the exact right things to do. When to go to the doctor, when not to. When to discipline, when to let is slide...

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We don't have much going on here. What she does say isn't always clear. She can say "mama", "ah-da" for dada, "up", "hi", "uh-oh" and sometimes "ma" means more. She has attempted grandma, grandpa and nana but it was mostly a garbled yell. She has started babbling more recently.

She was slow to do all of her physical steps (rolling over, crawling, walking, etc.). She did each one perfectly but in her own time. Once she conquered walking, she started talking more and learned the words she knows.

She understands very well almost too well. She can follow 2 step directions. I started with sign language at 6 months and she has done really well. She communicates well with us even though she isn't always speaking her needs.

Since she was slow to do each physical step, I haven't really worried about it. I'm aware of it but not worried, if that makes sense. GL with yours. Smile

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I would like to invite all of you over to the speech and language board. Link is in my siggy.

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Reed isn't speaking much....the pps are almost exactly where we are at. A few words, but no really communication. He doesn't point or anything like that. I feel better though about all of this because our doctor said that between now and 24 - 26 months is really when speech just can one day flip the switch on.
Of course get your doctors opinion, but I think you can go either way. I understand the worry about not doing something and regretting it later, but I also think that our gut feelings when it comes to our children are usually right on the mark.

GL and keep us posted.

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I think I would see what the pedi has to say and then decide. Speech therapy is certainly not going to hurt the situation but if you feel like giving him some time is the best thing to do then that's okay too. KUP!