Terrible Twos??? Already??

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Terrible Twos??? Already??

Lately the mornings go well. Then DD goes down for her nap around midday. She sleeps about 2 hours. Then she has lunch. Then the afternoon just goes down hill. She ignores me. She doesn't listen. She blatently does things she knows are wrong. Oh... & don't get me started on the tantrums.

I can't link it to any foods. She just had a nap so she shouldn't be tired. I've tried including her in helping... which she is enthusiastic about but then starts veering off course. I've tried alternating her toys so they will be "new" again. I've tried letting her watch appropriate videos or tv. I've tried keeping the tv & radio off so she doesn't get overstimulated. I've tried doing activities with her. I've tried letting her play on her own in a safe area. I've tried yelling. I've tried putting her back in her crib when she doesn't listen. Ugh!!!

I'm at the end of my rope. I want my sweet little angel back. It's as if I'm Charlie Brown's teacher... oh... & let's be clear... she completely hears me & understands me. This isn't a learning problem or disability. This is a toddler problem!

Is anyone else experiencing this? What did you do? Is there a magic solution???

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We are there too! I have no suggestions, but sympathy for your sanity.


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Yep, right there with you. Only I have two that way. DD skipped the terrible twos, we're getting the terrible 3's right along with DJ's terrible 2's. Oi. Anyhow, consistancy is key. We do time outs...starting when they stop screaming at me. DJ sits for 2 minutes, Alicia for 3. If they don't stop screaming in 10 minutes, its up to their room with their door closed until they stop screaming...then time out starts. We have zero tolerance for Alicia for anything like hitting, running into the street, throwing inappropriate things. For DJ he still gets a warning before punishment. I also do a variation on 1,2,3 Magic, I count to 3 before time out for behavioural things.

Fun times, I tell ya! I'm going to be completely gray and addicted to alcohol before we get through the toddler years. I'm currently dreading the teens!


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With Maxwell, I found two to be a non-issue - the biggest challenge is frustration with communication...they know what they want to say, but don't always have the tools to do so. Three, on the other hand, is all sorts of awful! So far, three is all about attitude! Smile

Mady has her moments - that is for sure! We are starting time-outs here as well. Sorry for the frustrations - no fun when you very pregnant as well! Smile