Toddler Beds ?

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Toddler Beds ?

Tammy - your post on Facebook made me think about this. Smile

Anyone have their LO in a toddler bed yet?
If so, how was the transition? Did you 'extra' toddler proof their room? Did you buy a bed or convert the crib? side rails?

If not, when do you think you will make the transition?

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I am NOT ready for a toddler bed yet! I'm am actually terrified of the day.

Reed's bedroom is upstairs and we are downstairs and their is a jack and jill sliding door to the bathroom off his room and a sink in his room.
I'm thinking I would probably put two baby gates in his room. One to block the door to the outside and one to block the door to the bathroom.

Thankfully, he is not trying to crawl out of bed yet so I think I have some more time.

Also, he is such an acrobat during sleep I'm sure he would roll out of the bed. He rolls around like crazy. I think he might do a somersault too. lol!

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Not even close to thinking about a toddler bed yet! When we do, his crib converts. I get nervous thinking about it - like what's to stop him from just getting out of bed in the middle of the night and playing? It scares the crap out of me!!

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This is our second night of trying out the toddler bed and it's not going so well. I would rather have not moved him yet but he was putting his whole leg over the railing and laying on his belly on top of the railing. I was worried he would fall out. Last night he refused to lay down in his bed. I brought him into the living room and he sat in the rocking chair and watched tv for about 5 minutes before he fell asleep. I put him in bed and he stayed there all night long. In the morning he came right into our room and woke me up by throwing his ball at me, lol. Tonight I put him in bed and he refused to stay. He laid on the living room floor and fell asleep. I haven't been putting much effort into getting him to stay in bed though. I have been preoccupied with my nephew's situation. DH and I talked about moving him but had not decided when to do it for sure. I was not happy when I came home last night and DH had converted the crib. He works nights so it is up to me to handle it on my own. I have to talk to DH about doing some more safety proofing in his room. I am worried that he will climb his bookshelf or dresser drawers. We had a crib that converted to a toddler bed and bought this rail to use with it.

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We were just talking about this. DJ is ready and so are we, we are just trying to finish the bathroom trim and we will start on DJ's room, which means he is going into a BIG BOY BED! We moved Alicia at 19 months and it went well. One thing that my doc told me, when you move them to a bed, their room becomes their crib. The goal (at first) is to get them to stay in their room. I put a gate across the door, it worked for us. There were a few stop and go's with Alicia, we had to do some sleep training when she was 2.5 and we are doing some again right now, as she has recently potty trained and we are dealing with a lot of night time shenanigans, but moving to a bed was easy. We don't do toddler beds, just right to a mattress on the floor. When big enough, and not rolling out of bed, then the box spring goes under the mattress. Alicia will finally be getting her bed frame this summer, I'm excited! She's finally tall enough to get into bed with a frame, so I'm painting one for her. DJ will be going onto a mattress in Alicia's room while we do some reno's in his room and then move back to his room on the mattress. All tall furniture will be attached to the walls and I remove things like lamps that they might break, but otherwise, just went for it. The number one thing for Alicia was having sheets she liked (winnie the pooh) and that she gets stories in bed now, instead of on the couch. She loves having stories read in bed. One thing about moving them early, they are not attached to THEIR bed, and thus won't generally fight it...if you move them after 2, it can take some talking to get them to give up THEIR crib.


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I'm no where near ready for this transition. DD isn't climbing out yet & I probably won't consider transitioning until we need to. The crib is a convertible so I can transition it to a toddler bed.

However, we are expecting our 2nd in October. We won't need the crib until about 6 months after that so I'm not sure exactly what we will do or when.

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I tried putting Caitlyn in the toddler bed but she was not ready. DD2 is in it now.

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I put Tyler in a toddler bed at 17 months and it's been great. Now instead of having to go get her in the morning, she comes into our bedroom by herself and snuggles me and lets me sleep a bit.

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You are lucky you get snuggles in the morning! Dh and I get hit, jumped on, etc. until we get up.

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Maxwell was in a toddler bed by 22 months and it was a relatively smooth transition. We just moved into our new home and we bought a real bed for Maxwell (full size), so for now, both the toddler bed and the crib are in Mady's room. She has chosen to sleep in the toddler bed once for naps, but other-wise, for the two weeks we've been in the new home, she sleeps in the crib. Soon enough, I'm sure!