Anyone else have a sassypants?

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Anyone else have a sassypants?

I swear sometimes this kid drives me up a wall. The talking back, not listening, doing his own thing! We've tried time out in his room, spanking, taking toys away....nothing seems to work. Not sure if anyone else's pumpkin was doing this. The other night he was talking back so I told him I was taking his trucks away and he then says- That's ok, I still have my cars. Well, guess what buddy those are gone too! Ugh some days I just want to lock myself in my room!

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Kaitlyn is actually finally getting over the sassy-ness. She began it early--like 3! The one thing we still really struggle with is for her to leave a playdate. She won't listen, won't get her things gathered, shoes on, etc to leave a friends house when done playing. I've tried everything, including grounding her from playdates so friends would call and I would tell them she was grounded. BUT she is fine if a friend comes over and then its time for them to go home. So far, grounding for kaitlyn works the best. If she's rude or sassy, or not listening, I give her a warning that she'll be grounded (friends, playing outside or tv or something) for X amount of time (a few days or a week usually). It usually works and she has been gounded a few times. Usually helps her remember the next time.

Though she did get a little bit of a non-conventional punishment yesterday. She bit weston on the cheek because he wasn't listening to her! I was so mad, I asked her if she thought biting was ok...she came back with "BUT HE WASN'T LISTENING TO ME". So I bit her cheek back. Not hard enough to leave even a little indent or mark or anything--it turned slightly pink was all--and boy did she wail! Then we talked about using words rather than biting (she argued that she tried that first) THEN coming to mom for help if you need it, never biting. And that a 5-almost 6 year old- knows better than to bite. I don't think she'll be biting anyone anymore. *sigh*