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car seat

hey, just wondering what everyone has their kids in? Sienna, miss teeny tiny, is still in her Britax marathon, she is about 44" and weighs about 35lbs. Her seat is starting to fall apart after 5.5 years and I am not sure what type to get her, she is still plenty small enough to be harnessed and I think with her weight she should be, but I feel like she is ready for a "big kid" seat, is there anything that looks like a high back booster but still has a harness???

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We just have both Kaitlyn and Joseph in high back boosters--i think they are the Big Kid boosters from Evenflo (graco?) but they are both over 40 lbs. I think Kaitlyn is about 43 lbs and Joseph is 47. I kept them both harnessed until they hit 40 lbs though even though Joseph was over 6 before that happened.

I don't really know of any other carseats than what we have used (graco, cosco and evenflo). Does she mind being in the 5 pt? If not, I'd keep her there until she is heavier.