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I am at a loss on what to get Kaitlyn for christmas!! She is getting a bit big for dolls (she doesn't play with them much anymore) but too little for the "big kid" stuff.

What are you all getting your kids? (boys too! I could use ideas for Joseph, though I have more ideas for him)

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We're getting Ender some games this year- Sleeping Queens and Two Many Monkeys. Maybe something like that? This has been a hard age to buy for aside from legos, and I cannot bear to bring more legos in the house right now.

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We are getting Sienna a new bike, a 4ft balance beam to practice her gymnastics, and some art supplies, a kid's sewing kit, pj's, the book "where the sidewalk ends", and I think I might get her these story cubes I saw on Amazon. They look fun!
I think that's about it, I still have to go thru my closet, I start shopping so early in the year and I stash stuff, so sometimes I forget about things. Smile
We got Michael a balance bike, electric train set (a cheapie), t ball set, rollerblades, a new (used) scooter, and a crank car track set, oh and we got the kids a tabletop air hockey set, forgot about that.
Man, I always think I didn't get enough, then I realize it is too much.