Riding the School Bus

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Riding the School Bus

Well, here is quite a long story. Nate got off the school bus the other day and said that he wanted to get sexy with us. So Bill says, Um do you even know what that word means? Nate proceeds to say it's when a guy and a girl get naked and they kiss:eek:. So we tell him how that word is not appropriate for him to say and ask him where he heard it. He then tells us that a kid on his bus said it to him. So, we write a letter to his teacher explaining what happened and that this boy told him etc. Well, the next day the Assistant principal calls to tell me what happened. she said she called Nate out of class to her office and discussed what was said to him and by whom. She then asks if he will come with her to make sure she has the right kid.:eek: So she takes Nate to ___'s classroom and has Nate identify him. She then takes BOTH of them back to her office. She asks Nate in front of _______ if he was sure that he didn't just hear that and think _____said it or that he actually saw ________ say it.:eek: The kid denied it and she talked to them a little more and then excused Nate and she told me she asked the boy a few more questions and he kept denying it all. Needless to say we have a meeting the the principal tomorrow. The way this lady handled the whole thing is insane to me. She has now set Nate up for bullying and harrassment. Why she would even think that it was ok to have Nate point this kid out and confront him personally is beyond me! I want to know where the patent is for the bubble to keep my boy safe and innocent until I'm ready!

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I am so sorry that you are all dealing with this! It actually makes me think back to the end of Joseph's kindergarten year when we got the final word they would be cutting our bus for the next year. My neighbor said she was actually completely fine with it, because having her (then) first grader riding home after school with all those big kids was taking its toll on her innocence. There is very little supervision because the adult is busy driving and lots of things are said by bigger kids that were getting talked about/repeated at home. Similar stuff--boyfriends/girlfriends, kissing etc. And if the bus ride is long (ours was 30 minutes in the afternoon and we live just under a mile from school!) there is even more time for bullying or exposure to bigger kids and their conversations.

I really hope that your situation can resolve quickly and without lasting effects for Nate! As much as we try to shield our kids, it is bound to happen Sad (like during the summer, when I was horrified to hear my sweet kaitlyn ask "is F### a back word?" It is one dh and I never use and were sad to hear she learned it from the neighbor a year older than her).

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That is horrifying indeed! Really. I would be out of my mind. You may not have the option but Ethan won't be riding the bus maybe ever. Thanks for verifying this, this wasn't something I really even thought about. Shame on that woman for putting your 6 year old son through this, he is probably clueless as to what is really going on. Gets me so mad. What was she thinking? Did she really think this older kid was going to openly admit it when up against a 6 year old? At the very least, she should have called you first before putting Nate through all of this and let you know what her intentions were. I'm so sorry this happened. I hope Nate can forget about this and move on as the fun-loving child he should be entitled to be. Sad