summer plans!

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summer plans!

How do you plan to keep the kiddos occupied this summer? Any plans? Daily, weekly?

I know my kids will want to spend most waking moments lounging around and being outside, roaming the neighborhood with their friends, riding bikes and the like. But we will do one session of swim lessons, a zoo trip or 2, the free family film festival movies at the theater, trips to the shore during low tide, etc. Bike rides, parks and picnics are always nice too. We'll have my mom and brother here a week at the end of july, and my dh's entire family here for a week in Aug--those should be fun! And the pinks (salmon) are running this year--and its supposed to be a huge run, so lots of fishing for us this summer!

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Nathan, Alex, and I are going to the beach tomorrow for a few days while Bill is out of town. Bill's daughter Jordan will be coming the end of July for 10 days. Nathan is going to summer camp for 5 weeks. This past week I had both boys home all day and it turned out much better than I thought. I give so much props to those moms who stay home! It's the hardest job ever!