Results from Developmental Pediatrician

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Results from Developmental Pediatrician

I tried updating my "Gaige" thread, but it wasn't letting me, so I'll just start a new thread.

We had an excellent appointment! I'm so relieved. The doctor started off by saying that Gaige's scores for his evaluations are not that bad and he'd consider him to be borderline and barely qualifies for therapy, but that he does qualify and is obviously benefiting from it. He said that he doesn't see any signs of autism in Gaige--especially the big sign which is the no eye-contact and lack of social skills. Gaige was high-fiving and hugging the doctor the entire appointment. He does see the sensory processing disorder and lack of speech and language, but with developmental preschool and occupational therapy it's something he could outgrow before kindergarten. Woohoo! Our insurance covers only 25 therapy sessions (of any kind) per year, so I ask the doctor if he recommends speech therapy or occupational therapy and he basically asked "What's a bigger problem--hiis lack of communication or his tantruming and sensory seaking?" Bart and I both agreed that his overall behavior is a bigger problem, so we'll get him on a list for an occupational therapist a.s.a.p. He'll get occupational therapy and speech therapy in school, so starting next year we'll hold of on private OT so we can use that up during the summer months when he's not getting it in school. I thought that was great advice.

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I am SO glad that you had such a good appointment!! What a relief to know that he could outgrow this in the next couple of years. And Yahoo that he doesn't show any signs of autism!! Biggrin
Love the high-fiving and hugging the Dr, LOL!!

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well obviously Wink
nice to have that reassurance though. sounds like you have a great pedi and it's awesome he was so helpful in figuring out how to best navigate the web of therapy.
good for you for looking out for gaige's best interest and taking a proactive role in his development. i've had students that i've recommended for speech therapy or testing for various things and the parents have been unresponsive, which is very frustrating when you know they need help.
looking forward to more encouraging progress reports Biggrin

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That's awesome news. And it's great that he's on his way to getting all the help he needs to be an even more awesome-er little guy!

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That is great news I am so happy for all of you!!!

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I can not even imagine what a relief this is for you! Ots do wonderful work and Im sure you'll see a difference rather quickly. It's wonderful news!

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WTG Gaige! I'm so glad that the doctor was able to give you great advice and reassurance, and I'm so happy that Gaige isn't showing signs of autism! BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

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So glad you got such great news! That is awesome!

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Sounds like an awesome appointment.