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How are your days structured? I struggle with coming up with things to do.

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I used to take Aiden to storytime at the local library. Coloring, play-doh, walk the mall, visit family, gym (more for me but he liked the shopping cart there).

It's only been 6 months, but that's all I can come up with on what we did before I went back to work Sad

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Well it's been a while, but it seemed like I was always out of time rather than thinking of things to do. It helped that Sienna slept in until 9am/10am... HAHA We would get up, go to the zoo, park, visit friends, go out to lunch, go to the mall, watch a movie, etc. in the morning, then nap, then repeat in the afternoon. Play-doh, bake cookies (more me baking and she samples what I make...), coloring, playing on the computer, puzzles, you name it.

Is there a zoo or aquarium near you? Our zoo is awesome and it's cheap for an annual pass. Annual pass things are great for once-a-week visits and it gets you out of the house. Smile