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Yesterday I grimaced because the baby kicked me really hard under the ribs. Melodie asked me what was wrong and I said the baby kicked me really hard and it hurt. She yelled at my tummy GO TO YOUR WOMB!!! Which got me laughing because she meant of course go to your room...

But that got me to thinking, she cant pronounce her r's in English. She replaces them all with W's. Is this normal for this age? Somethingn to be worried about?

In French, she has no speech impediments, they have a speech therapist that comes to the daycare and listens in on all the kids once a year. But the r in French is totally different than the r in ENglish, so I dont know!

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I think that's totally normal for this age. If she weren't pronouncing her "R's" properly by 4 or 5, I'd get her checked out by a speech pathologist. But from what I've learned since Gaige has been in speech therapy, there are MANY sounds that toddler's don't pronounce correctly and "r" is the most common.

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It's definitely normal at this age. The "L" sound is another one that tends to be tricky for them.