teeth brushing

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teeth brushing

Do you use regular childrens toothpaste or toddler toothpaste for your LO? Have they gotten the spitting concept down right? Peyton has trouble spitting out so I still use the toddler but I feel like she should be using the children's now...any tips on teaching her to spit? Usually she will swallow, then when she rinses she spits the water out, but by then she's already swallowed all the toothpaste and is just spitting water. I am too scared of flouride to let her just swallow it every day, it's pretty toxic I think for her to be swallowing daily. Any ideas?

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We do Toddler paste most days and then when I feel like he needs a deep clean, I do a tiny smear of real paste and it foams up like crazy, but I'm sure it's not enough to hurt!

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We just use toddler toothpaste. I think I read somewhere that they can't really spit well until they are 3, so I am not even going to try until then. Right now Leah just swallows all the toothpaste, and like you I don't want her eating all that flouride. She is fully capable of spitting, but only when we don't want her to:rolleyes:

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We use toddler toothpaste, and only a really small amount. Caitrin is starting to work on spitting it out, because we brush our teeth at the same time and she tries to imitate what I'm doing. At the moment, she's basically just spraying it everywhere, but at least she's trying, right? Wink

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We still use toddler toothbrushes and toothpaste. Thomas is slowly grasping the teeth brushing thing from watching us and being allowed to copy when we are brushing our teeth. So we are finding that if he sees us spitting out the foam he tries to as well.

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We are still using Toddler toothpaste as well. Erin swallows it and still doesn't quite get the spitting out thing.