Third Birthday Presents

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Third Birthday Presents

People keep asking me what to get for Liam and I just really don't know. He has tons of toys now, lots of books and we go to the library, lots of clothes. It's harder when they get bigger and already have everything!! So what are you telling people who ask?

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I have no idea either. Sad

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i think it's the perfect age for a vsmile or learning game of the same kind that they can take in the car. i have one my other kids had that has toy story, nemo and backyardigans games...he has no clue really what he's doing but it keeps him entertained and eventually will be a great learning tool...does ABC's and #'s and things like that. Leap Frog games are good too-the reading storybooks, etc.

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my parents gave cooper a years subscription to a kids magazine and i think that's awesome! he loves to read, books, pamphlets, greeting cards, so i think he'll love them. (it's the preschool version of "highlights", not sure, but i think it might be canadian).
i think my siblings are going together and getting him the new leap pad. we're not doing a party with my fam for a few weeks, so i don't know yet for sure.
i like the idea of passes to a child friendly place like the zoo, indoor playplace, etc. also paying for swimming lessons or something like that.

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Shawna - I got that for Aiden for Christmas last year - he loves the fact that he gets his own mail!!

I am telling people to get him trucks or firetrucks or some type of learning toy.

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My parents got Melodie swimming lessons and a savings bond... perfect gifts in my opinion!

I also like the idea of asking for book.

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Well we got him the IPhone so there's his movies, learning, etc all in one, my FIL is getting him an ITunes card so we can put some more apps on it and then money for his saving's account. He got a magazine subscription from his gma a few months ago "Zooties" and my inlaws got him swim lessons that we haven't used yet also! I'm telling you this kid is hard.
Well I told my SIL about the garbage truck that Cooper has and Liam told my MIL he wants a robot out of the blue. Guess the rest will be surprises!

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Caitrin has recently gotten really into the Disney princess thing, so she got some princess stuff. She is starting to get into dress up stuff, so we're having fun with that. One thing I thought of for the grandparents to chip in on (instead of getting another toy) is a membership to the local zoo. It's pretty inexpensive here, and we can go as much as we want that way. Caitrin gets super excited to see the monkeys and elephants, and they have a great playground too.

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The one present that Sienna got that she loves more than anything is a princess light-up scooter from Kelsey & Noah. I'm not sure how much they are, but she said they were totally reasonable. She LOVES it.

Another great gift she got (one last year and one this year) is an easel. She plays on them ALL the time. Ikea has them super cheap and they come with inexpensive rolls of paper to fill it with. Really awesome idea.

And the other thing she got that she loves are Ariel pajamas. She loves pajamas right now. Smile

Also, I bought her a Disney sing-a-long DVD from Amazon and she's totally in love with that too. She's memorizing all the words to the songs in her favorite movies (Beauty and the Beast, Part of Your World, etc.) and it shows you the words so it's good practice. Smile