12 Days!!!

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12 Days!!!

OMG it is taking SOOOO long! My u/s is on the 7th. I really really want to find out what this LO is! So strange because in the beginning I didn't want to know at all. Hurry hurry and get here soon!!

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That's the same day as mine! I keep trying to plan stuff to do every day between now and then to hope it "goes faster" Smile

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Good luck! I had a tough time waiting for today to pass.. I can't even imagine how neurotic I'll be tomorrow! (My appointment isn't until 3:30)

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I hate that wait, heck I had mine and I am still waiting to verify lol I am now waiting for the 6th to come round fast..... vacation....vacation....vacation Smile

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Mine is the 8th! And of course I have a 3 hour training class in the morning that day and then have to work until 2:30 before I can go to my appointment! The waiting sucks but we can count down the days together!

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Mine isn't until the 17th. Sad The doctor won't see anyone before 20weeks also had to schedule it to work so DH could go.

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The wait is excruciating !! Good luck to all of you!!

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the 17th!! Man that must be agonizing!

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I didn't want to know either at first, then I realized that I'd go nuts without knowing! Mine isn't until the 13th, at 22 weeks. I couldn't wait that long! What the heck is up with a 22 week US anyway! :rolleyes: