12 week ultrasound photo

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12 week ultrasound photo

I had a fabulous 12 week appt. I had the u/s first for the nuchal scan(havent gotten results yet). My Mom is visiting from Ohio and she was there to see our beautiful baby! And the boys were super excited to see their "kiki butt". Yep, that is what they call the new baby. My 3 1/2 yrold calls cute things "kiki" so it is actually a sweet name. Baby was super active waving and moving his/her mouth open and closed. We got a few really great pics, this is my fav! They let me schedule my next appt for 7 weeks from now due to my long drive. So my next appt is May 25 for my 20 week appt and anatomy u/s! 7 weeks is going to feel like forever. But truly this pg seems to be flying by so far. I have been so busy with the boys and all that sometimes I forget I am pg. And the morning sickness seems to be mostly gone. I am still tired and needing a nap everyday but that seems to be little better too.

I hope everyone else is doing great!
ps, Check out the fingertips in the back ground where he/she was moving the left hand up and down.

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Awesome pic glad you had a great scan. It really does feel like it is flying by huh. I can't believe I am 15 weeks already. Must be as it our third lol

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Congrats! What a great pic! Love the name the boys gave the baby.

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That's a nice picture! Very cute!

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very nice picture! Also, congrats on entering the 2nd trimester!!!