16 Week OB Appointment

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16 Week OB Appointment

Had my 16 week appointment and it went MUCH better than my last one! Baby's heart rate was 152 and strong. I made my appointment for my anatomy scan (aka the BIG ultrasound!) but it won't be til 20 weeks, so I have to wait until May 27! Feels like forever!!! Also, I've LOST weight :/ Doctor said not to worry, though.

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Glad your appt went well and you didn't end up sitting in your car sobbing again!

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Glad to hear all is well! My gender scan is next week and I feel like I'm going to go crazy waiting that long so I feel for you having to wait longer!!

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Lisa!! What happened at your last appt?? So glad all is ok, i think you're having another girl Wink


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glad you apt went well! Sorry you have to wait; mine is not until June. :confused: