19 week & 20 week comparsion

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19 week & 20 week comparsion

I just knew that I was going to really pop when I hit the 20 week mark and I think I was right! Smile I can tell too...it's harder for me to bend over now and my belly bumps into everything! Look at the difference!!

Oh and exciting week coming up. Tomorrow I have my follow up u/s to measure Sophia's heart and spine so I get another peak at her (also to make sure she is still a Sophia) LOL! Saturday is our hospital tour and pre-registration and Sunday we are going to go register at Babies r Us!! Yahoo

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Wow. Def can tell the difference. That's such an exciting week coming up. I'm looking foward to being able to do all that soon!

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Huge difference! Looks really cute Smile

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looks adorable !!

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Fun week ahead. Looking good Smile

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Wow, gorgeous! What a beautiful difference!

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You look great.

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You look great but that is a huge difference.

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That's a nice bump!

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I can see a definite difference. Great pics!

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Cute belly, that is quite the difference!