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that's how much this baby gained in a week! Holy growth spurt! He has been doing that 'nursing every 45 minutes of the hour' thing since fri/sat, no wonder!

7lbs6oz at birth
6lbs13oz at 2 days
7lbs1oz after eating at 5 days
9lbs2oz naked and empty at 20 days
10lbs4oz naked and empty at 27 days

His 1 month check is next tuesday. His brother was 7lbs4oz at 2 days and 12lbs even at his 1 month check... I think the baby is trying to compete with his brother lol!

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Yay for great growth! As exhausting as it is, it does make you feel better when you see just how much they've grown.

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Wow, great growth!

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wow! I think Kessler is working towards a growth spurt. He's been cluster feeding some and my boobs are super full at the moment. Gotta go wake him up to get some relief!

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Yup! It is great to see the hard work pay off lol!

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that's awesome! owen gained 7 ounces in 48 hours. he was 7 lbs 9 oz when we left the hospital on saturday, he was 8 lbs even when we had our 48 hour check up on monday :eek: the pediatrician couldn't believe that he was strictly breastfed lol

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Hooray for breastfed babies! Sarah gained 14 oz from her 1 week appointment to her 2 week appointment. Our doc was really impressed, too.

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Way to grow big guy! It's so satisfying knowing you are giving your baby everything he needs to grow big and strong!