24 week OB appt(little update)

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24 week OB appt(little update)

My appt was fairly uneventful, no u/s or anything. But I thought I would mention that my doc did give me a perscription for iron supplements. She said my bloodwork a month ago showed that I was borderline anemic so I am likely anemic now. Since I suffer from horrible constipation she perscribed Niferex(iron combined with a sugar molecule so it is more digestible) which doesnt affect me so badly. Cross your fingers that it helps me. My exaustion has been almost unbearable and we havent had much of a life because of it. I have taken it two days now and I think it might be helping a little already:)
Oh, and as I expected, she said my hip issues are probably here to stay. There is nothing she can do. Just need to keep stretching to keep flexible I guess.
Hope all of you are feeling well.:bigarmhug:

(Update: yep, 3 days into the iron pills and WOW! I am almost my old self again. I dont have tons of energy but I am not a zombie anymore! I havent gotten that much sleep lately either so it has to be the iron. Amazing!)

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I hope the iron pills work well for you and maybe you can get back some energy! Sorry the hip issues aren't going anywhere anytime soon :(.

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I've always had to take iron supplements with my pregnancies (but haven't had the blood results yet for this one to see if it's low). I am very happy that you had yours checked and your energy will DEFINATELY come back. I would always feel better with 1-3 days. Lately I've been eating a lot of steak and spinach and I find I hit a real slump regardless around 3-6 in the afternoon... it can be hard to get the iron you need from food if you get anaemia during pregnancy.

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Hope the iron pills start working soon for you.

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Oh gee I never thought of iron could be why I'm tired. I assume my honeymoon second trimester was just coming to an end. Maybe I should look into some iron fortified food.

Glad other than that the appt was boring and everything was good! I hope those iron pills work well for you!!! Keep us posted!

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Have you tried yoga for your hips? I had sever left hip pain with DS. I started going to a prenatal yoga class and in 2 weeks I had NO pain! It helped me so much that when I started feeling it with this LO I did it, and I feel so much better.
I'm glad your doc gave you stuff to make you feel better, I'm right with you on the constipation, its awful!

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:lurk: Just stalking you.. Wink

My iron was super low too, when they did my 28 week bloodwork, and dr recommended an iron supplement. I hear you on the zombie thing! I was taking 2-3 hour naps daily. Thank goodness for a mostly self sufficient kid! :eek:

Anyway, I decided to beef up my iron in food (soy, spinach, red meat, etc), and also made sure I was beefing up on Vitamin C intake (i.e. orange juice), since that helps with the absorption of the iron. For me, that combo helped a lot. I'm glad you are starting to see a difference!