25 week appt

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25 week appt

had a fairly nice boring appt. Weight is finally back up to pre-pg, bp is nice and normal, and little miss wigglebum's heart rate is nice and steady at 150. Found out that since I started off a little bit heavier this time (I started at 211 at 5'7"), that I get one more ultrasound at around 30ish weeks. Got the paperwork for the next round of blood tests, including the 1 hour glucose tolerance test :(.

Almost forgot to add ... the echo came back completely clean Yahoo

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sounds great! yay for another sono Smile

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I agree... yay for another sono! Biggrin

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Yay for a good appointment!!

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yay for a good appt..

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Glad everything went well!

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I'm so glad everything is going so well!