26 week Pic

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26 week Pic

Cannot believe 26 weeks is already here, so crazy. Have not taken a belly pic for 4 weeks. There were hardly any pics of me on vacation as I am usually the photo taker. The odd one that was taken is horrific lol

I have re-added my 22 week one, the last one I have to show growth/change of shape over the last month.

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Cute bump. The shape seems to have changed a little - or is that just b/c it's a dif shirt?

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I thought the same thing. I love the stripey pic from the other pics, but am struggling to get it over my boobs these days lol I seem to be coming straight out from underneath now instead of a nice curve. Which I know I did with my last two, just not this early lol

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Love your baby bump! TFS! I don't have many belly pics either. Wish I had someone to take pics while on vacation, I'm the picture taker too!

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I love your bump! It's super cute!

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Love the bump! You're looking great!

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You look great!!

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Great bump Mama! You look fantastic!

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much rounder! you look awesome!!!

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Lookin' good Mama!!!

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You look great! I can't believe we are already 26 weeks!!

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Wow, looking good!! Smile

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You look great, about the same as me I think. Man, I really need to take a pic, I still havent taken a proper one at all. And same here, I am usually the one with the camera in my hand. We are really getting there arent we!