28 week appt

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28 week appt

So I had good and bad news yesterday. Good news is baby looked great on the u/s and the placenta hasnt moved any closer to the cervix. They had been worried it was too close and might mean a c-section.
Bad news is that I failed the 1-hour glucose test and now need to go in for the 3-hour one. They want me to stay there in their waiting room for 3 hours! That means I have to find a sitter, ugh! On the bright side at least I will get 3 hours to myself! I think it is probably because I had quite a bit of MtDew(which I rarely drink but had a craving for) just before the test. They didnt mention needing to fast before hand but I guess it can affect the results. I never had this happen before.
The really sucky thing is that I am still anemic despite already taking iron(Ferrex) supplements(and the max amount of fiber and stool softeners and still being constipated). They want me to DOUBLE my iron dose:eek:! I think that might just kill me. What fiber rich foods helps you guys when you need it? I am really scared how this might affect my system!

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well that sucks about having to do the 3 hr test. Sounds like the Mtdew was probably the reason. I barely want to deal with the 1 hr much less a 3 hr. Good luck with it. ...as far as foods, I'm finding I've become lactose intolerant, so I had the opposite problem.:confused:

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No help with the iron. Sad Sorry.

I had to take the 3 hr on Monday. It was a long time, but I got some crocheting done so it was worth it. Smile I'm sure the mt. dew on yours caused problems. I failed my 1hr with DD1 because no one told me carbs could make me fail. I have no idea what happened this time, because I fasted...so I'm hoping for good results.

Glad your placenta moved! Smile

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Sorry about the 3 hour glucose test :/ know it's going to take more like 4 hours. I just had mine today.

I'm really glad to hear that your placenta is NOT moving south! That is good news!

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Bummer on the 3 hr test but I bet you pass it... crossing my fingers for you.

As for the other issue... What about prunes or increasing fresh fruits especially since they are in season now. You could also try adding flax oil in something like yogurt or a smoothie. This would also give you the benefit of adding omega 3 to your diet. Another suggestion would be a magnesium supplement (Natural Vitality makes an awesome one that is safe for pregnancy). Magnesium is necessary for our bodies & has the added benefit of aiding constipation naturally ...think Milk of Magnesia (spelling?). I used to work for a nutritionist for years if you are wondering where the onslaught of info came from. HTH & GL! Smile

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Stinks about the blood test, but I'm sure you're right it was the mt dew. But woohoo about your placenta! I hope you can figure something out with the iron supplements!

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Sucks about having to take the 3 hour test, hope you pass easily. When I get constipated, I really massively up my fluid intake (to at least 4 liters of water a day), and eat lots of whole grains, and stop all refined carbs. Plus lots of fruits and veggies.

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Make sure everytime you take your iron that you watch what you drink/eat with it. I only take mine when I eat something high in fibre, even though the ones I take are symptom free. Also if you are taking CHEAP iron pills they don't absorb as well and give you horrendous constipation/gas. Definately upgrade to the more expensive kind that are capsules and dissolve in the intestines instead of the stomach (apparently only 1/2 of iron actually gets into your body via the stomach). I know when I took the $3 bottle of iron versus the $30 bottle of iron it made a world of difference. Foods that are high in iron are red meat/steak and spinach and I know it's hard to get that in everyday! I put spinach in everything, my salads, lasagna, pasta, etc. If you put it in the microwave you can nuke it down to a tiny amount and it's easy to put on things.

With the GTT I was high with my last pregnancy (I think 153). My doctor asked me what I ate and I told her pancakes and apple juice and she said that definately skewed the test and she didn't make me do the 3 hour. I watched what I had this time so I definately think the MD put you over! LOL I think you'll be fine with your 3hr, keep us posted!

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Sorry you have to take the 3 hour test. Make sure you take a good book with you, it seemed to help me pass the time when I had to take it. I never understood why the say not to fast with the 1 hour. Almost every woman I know who didn't fast, ended up failing it. I know some that did pass, but I think they just got lucky. LOL!

As for the iron supplements, surprisingly, mine has the opposite effect on me. I think prunes and any cereal that is high in fiber may work. Are you taking OTC stool softeners or prescription? The prescription seemed to always work better for me than OTC. You could ask your doc to prescribe you some.

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Yep, I have been taking the expensive perscription iron. With my last pg it didnt make the constipation worse so I made sure to get the good stuff this time. Unfortunately it still has really bad effects on me. I take my fiber supplement at the same time that I take my iron. I got a big list of fiber rich foods off the internet and picked some up. This morning I had rolled oats with ground flax seed and chopped figs. It made me gag and I almost threw it up! BAck to the drawing board, cant eat that stuff! I ate a bowl of raisin bran instead, I still feel nauseus!

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Sorry you're having to deal with all of this! I think people have said everything that I eat when I need "a little help" (ie: lots of fruit, veggies and water). I also have to limit my dairy when I am constipated and I usually up the amount of fruit juice I'm drinking too. Hope you find something that doesn't make you gag.