30 weeks!!!

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30 weeks!!!

I just can't believe that I am going to be 30 weeks tomorrow!!! That means, I will be considered full term in just 7 weeks! :eek: Next big milestone...34 weeks! If I get past 34 weeks, that will be the longest I have ever been pregnant. LOL!

People have been making comments about how miserable I'm going to be the last month and they look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that I'm looking forward to it. They just don't understand that I never got to experience that with DS and I have always felt cheated that my body just gave out at 34 weeks. I never got to sit around each day and wonder if today was going to be the day and anxiously wait. To me, that seems like the most exciting part of being pregnant! Keeping my fingers crossed I make it that far! Smile

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Yay! Congrats! 30 weeks makes you feel just that much closer! I'm bet you will make it past 34 weeks, probably longer then you really want to! LOL. I agree the most exciting part is to anxiously wait until you go into labor. I remember when my water broke with DS and I was like OMG I'm gonna hold my baby today!! It was such a cool feeling!

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It is uncomfy at the very end, but also exciting! I definitely hope you are able to make it to at least 37 weeks this time!!! These babies all need to bake for at least that long. Smile

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Yay for making it to 30 weeks, and hopefully all the way to at least 37!

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Congrats on 30 weeks! I bet you'll make it to at least term! I completely understand about feeling cheated you didn't make it to the finish line with DS. The last few weeks are uncomfortable, but, personally, I love it! Until I hit 40... then I got miserable!

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yay ! for making it to 30 weeks!! old wives tale is girls stay in longer !!

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That is great! Closer every day!