31 weeks appt yesterday

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31 weeks appt yesterday

Boring appt. I think I was in there a total of 5 minutes. HR is 140's..........he measured my belly and it must be fine since he didn't say anything. He made sure I had already done my tubal paperwork (which I have). I also got my registration packet for L and D. On Mon I had some spotting, I only noticed it when I would pee and wipe so I just went about my day. He told me if it happens again to go in and get checked.

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Well it looks like you are all ready to have this baby!! I hate boring apts, but again they mean everything's good!

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Gotta love those boring appts! Pretty soon it will get exciting!

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A nice boring appt... hopefully the spotting will stay away. I can't believe we are getting so close.

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Gotta love the boring appts! Hope the spotting stays away.

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