33 week appt

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33 week appt

I had my 32 week appt Monday, at 33 weeks. BP was 105/55 so that's good and I didn't gain any weight since I was last in at 29 weeks (my 28 week appt lol). So I'm still at a 10 lb total which is super weird for me since I gained 70 with my first and 50 with my daughter. I was actually a bit surprised I hadn't gained anything since DD's birthday was on the 17th and I had enough cake and ice cream for 2 :).

I'm measuring at 36, almost 37 weeks :eek:. I had just turned 33 weeks that day! So I'm almost 4 weeks ahead. She has been my MW both times before so she remembers I always measure big, but I've never measured this big this early. She felt around and asked me what I thought about his size and how he feels compared to my first 2. My first was 8-5 & 20.25in and my second was 8-13 & 21in. I told her I'd guess he would be closer to Grace's size, but not much bigger. But at the same time I still have a month or two to go, so it's hard to tell because of course I only remember their size at they end, not at 33 weeks lol. She said moms always know better than measurements about size so she'd leave it up to me if I want an U/S for weight estimation. I turned it down. They are so inaccurate, and I would hate to jeopardize my chance of a VBAC because they incorrectly guess he's a monster! Especially since they thought DS was going to be enormous and he wasn't :rolleyes:. I was really happy she asked me instead of going crazy and declaring he was going to be a 15 pound baby and insisting I either be induced early or go straight for the C/S lol.

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Sounds like you had a good appt overall. I know what you mean on the weight gain (although you are doing better than I)... Last time I gained 40 some lbs, this time I'm at about half that (if I don't blow it at the end). Smile

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Sounds like a pretty good appointment! I hope baby stays a reasonable size for you.

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Sounds like you had a good appt! Glad your midwife didn't try to freak you out about a large baby.

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Sounds like a good appointment. I honestly don't put a lot of "faith" in measurements! I have measured 4-5 weeks SMALL with my last two pregnancies, and yet when they were born at 39 weeks they were still 7 and a half pounds. Wink However, if it is a bigger measurement than usual for you, then it could be a slightly bigger baby... or the baby may have been a bit higher up or in a weird position. Who really knows for sure. I only measured 2 weeks small at my last appointment. I wonder if that means I will have a bigger baby this time... he doesn't feel any bigger though.

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Now I want ice cream since you mentioned it! LOL!

I'm so glad that your doctor said that mom knows better than the measurements because I was actually surprised when they estimated that she is 6 lbs. 3 oz. I actually feel like she is bigger than that. Do they usually guess bigger or can they guess smaller as well? I never got a late u/s for DS so I have no clue how these usually work. They couldn't get a good measurement of her stomach because her knee was in the way so they said that her measurements are definitely off.

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sounds like a great appt!

My doctor seems very off on her estimates, she said i was measuring 27 weeks when i was 29, then 31 weeks when i was 31, she misread what week i was in my chart so she said the wrong number, which makes me think she doesnt ever really try, just says what I am, lol.