33 week appt

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33 week appt

I saw the midwife today with the group that will delivery the baby, my normal doctor is out of town.

bp 100/60 lowest its been in 10 years!
no weight gain

babys head is sitting in my pelvis so she did a check for dialation and nothing yet.

today I am not feeling so great, tons of cramping and blood tinged cm. im guessing its from the check but when i was checked like 3 weeks ago i felt fine the next day.

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I had horrible contractions after a check with DD last time. I'm glad you had a good appt. Try to rest... hopefully they will calm down.

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Glad you had a good appt. Hoping the cramping calms down for you soon.

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Ugh to the cramping :/ but it sounds like you had a great appointment overall!

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Sounds like a good appt! It super stinks when a check does that! Sometimes they don't do a thing, other times they do crazy things to you!