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33W Apt

I had my apt yesterday. BP was good, so was urine. They realized that I hadn't gotten my glucose test yet, so I am going for that tomorrow along with I think they said a platelet count. They had also given me a u/s to check my cervix, and the u/s tech noticed my fluids were low. She said they were in the "normal" range, but the very low normal. I have to go back next Tues for another u/s to check. Well with all the confusion (their new computer system kept crashing) I completely forgot to ask what that would mean if its low, and doesn't go back up. Well...I googled it when I got home! Ugh I made myself so upset. I'm just really hoping its just because I was dehydrated or something. I had had bad contrax Mon & Tues so I'm thinking/hoping its just that! Anyone else have issues with low fluid? What do they do?

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Sounds like a mostly good appt. Haven't experienced low fluid myself, but know a few people who have dealt with it. They kept monitering fluid levels, and in the one case where it wasn't just because of dehydration, they did deliver (but she was term). Good luck!

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When I had low fluids I have to drink a ton of water and come back in a few day for another u/s. The water did nothing so I was induced but I was 39 weeks too. I don't know what they would do if you are earlier.

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I hope it was just the dehydration....I have a friend IRL who was induced at 36 weeks due to low fluid.

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No advice on the low fluid but it sounds like drinking more water is a good idea though. KUP!

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KUP on your fluids! Take care of yourself.

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Hopefully you're just dehydrated. Try to be drinking water at ALL times! KUP on your fluid levels!