34 week appointment

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34 week appointment

Had my 34 week appointment on Tuesday. Blood pressure was 132/84. No wieght gain the last week, baby heart rate was 165. Dr said slight change in cervix, almost dilated to 1cm. Put me on the monitor to ensure I was not having any contractions. Sure enough I was having contractions. Some I was able to feel and others I was not. Baby was also not very active on the strip. I was sent to L&D for monitoring. Baby had to be buzzed for them to get a reactive strip but after about an hour I was sent home. Still on weekly appointments. Doctor said that they will induce at 39 weeks due to the discomfort I am having if he has not arrived before then.

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Yikes! That would be a nerve-wracking appt! Hope your lo was just having a nice long snooze, and that they keep baking at least a few more weeks.

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Glad everything is ok! Hopefully the contractions stop!

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Wow... I bet that was a long day/appt. Glad everything is fine! KUP!

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Glad everything turned out ok. That would make for a long day

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Glad you're okay and that he's okay. Please KUP!

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Glad everything turned out okay!