34 week vacation pix

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34 week vacation pix

Our weeklong trip up to Seattle and camping in the Olympic National Park was great! Sorry they are enormous but, here are a few belly shots from our trip. I feel huge but from looking at the pix I dont think I am as big as I was with DS2(my 10 pounder). But I have my next OB appt with my doc in 2 weeks, I hope she will do an u/s to check his size and possibly schedule an induction at 39 weeks. I am getting soooo ready to have this baby!

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OMG! You went to Forks? LOL! Yes, I am a BIG Twilight fan or Twihard, whatever you wanna call it! You look fantastic and I love your sunglasses!

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Love that you went to Forks! I love the Twilight series. You look so cute! I wish I had DH take some pics of my while we were on vacation. Looks like you guys had fun!

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You look great! Smile

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You look great!

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You are too cute knocked up!!!!! You should do it again Wink

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You look awesome! What a nice thing - to be able to go on a trip right at the end of pregnancy Smile

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You look great! Love your hair... & the sunglasses!