35 week appointment

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35 week appointment

Appt went well this week. My doctor has given me the ok to return to work 4-6 hours a day. It is so nice to get out of the house and interact with people! Baby is doing great. I will have an ultrasound either next week or the following week to check his size and position. Dr also said that they would induce at 39 weeks due to the discomfort that I am having.

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Glad your appt went well... won't be long now. KUP on your induction date!

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Happy you had a good appt. Getting close now:)

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Glad your appt went well and you can go back to work now!

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I'm glad you had a good appointment. It's wonderful you can return to work, even a few hours a day. I know I like the adult interaction I get when I work, and I also enjoy feeling like I can DO something. KUP on your induction!

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Have fun going back to work! Glad they are letting you got back! Biggrin

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Sounds like a great appt. I know I would go crazy on bed rest, so glad to hear you're able to get up and going even for just a few hours. It makes a world of different for your mental health as well.

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Sounds like a great appt!

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Yay for a great appointment! I'm so glad you're able to get out and about!

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