36 week appointment & registered at hospital

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36 week appointment & registered at hospital

It went well. I wasn't planning on getting checked, but they wanted to do the Group B test. I had my DD with me, but the nurse offered to let her hang out in the office with the other nurses while she did that, so I figured I might as well let her check me as well. Just as a figured though. Nice and high and no dilation, but it's still nice to know I guess. ...weight gain was big this round. The PA actually commented that she was glad to see baby had a growth spurt b/c I had 3 consecutive appointments with very little weight gain.
Then I had to hang out in town for 4 hours with DD b/c I was doing the registration/hospital tour and such at 1:30. We had a good day though at the park and eating out. I was nervous about having DD with me b/c they highlighted on the paperwork that they prefer not to have any children there, but I didn't have a choice. She was an angel and earned every delicious corn syrup filled lick of her ring pop.
Now I need a nap but it's just too late for that.

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Yay for good appt! I'm sure that was a long day... so glad your DD was so great about it!

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Yay for a good appt! Your dd deserved the treat for being so good:)

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Sounds like a good appt!

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Your appointment sounds like it was a good one, and always nice to know how far along you are!

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I'm glad DD was so good at the hospital. Sounds like you had a good appt!

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Sounds like a good appointment. Glad your DD was good at the hospital. I am not sure my girls would have been. They are so ornery right now