36 week appt

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36 week appt

Had my 36 week appt. My blood pressure was a little elevated, but not too bad and there is protein in my urine. My doctor said to just monitor my bp at home and call if I have anymore swelling, headaches, or blurred vision. Not too much cervical change since last week. I was dilated to 2 CM and 80% effaced last week. I am now over 2, but not quite 3 CM yet. She said I'm closer to 3 so she just said I'm 3. Baby's head is engaged and she said "I think it will be any day now!" I'm sure she jinxed me by saying that and I will probably go past 40 weeks now. LOL! DH said that I have to have her before September 17th because there is a really good boxing match on. Men!!

I brought up my unfortunate hemorrhoid situation and she said to use tuks pads and swimming even can help take the pressure off. She said that it makes sense that I have them now and not last time since women are more prone to them in subsequent pregnancies and I'm also carrying a bigger baby now. The things us women go through! I wish men had just a tiny taste of this....they'd go running for the hills! LOL!

3 more days until I'm term!!! Smile

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I'm glad you had a good appt & your OB is taking good care of you. I know what you mean about being jinxed... I still can't believe we haven't had any LOs yet... that's a good thing though!

And, about the DH's... if the earth were to rely on population from people like my DH, the earth would be barren. There is NO WAY he could handle being pg! Biggrin

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I'm glad your appointment went well!
DH told me the other day that he's glad he's not carrying or he'd be in the bedroom in tears all the time! Lol

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I cannot believe we are almost at term so scary. Glad you had a good appt and made it this far.

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Awww....I'm alittle jealous that you're so close Smile

I'm trying to convince my body and little Miss that Sept 20th is a good day to come. I will be term on the 18th BUT Kodey and Kaleb have a football game on the 19th. Tues the 20th would be good cuz then I'd be A-okay by Camerons game that Sat the 24th.

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Sounds like a good appt.

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Sounds like a good appt! Congrats for making it this far! Hopefully you can ease the pain of the 'roids. I sure hope I don't get any, they sound painful!

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everyone is getting so close! I doubt she jinxed you to 40 weeks though. At least you've got everything ready and prepared

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Sounds like you had a good appt! We're getting soooo close. Glad she's keeping a close eye on you.

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Glad you had such a good appointment! I'm so excited you're probably going to make it to term!

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It's good to know that your doctor had some answers for you re: the pain and swelling you've had. Sounds like a good appointment, and that you're going to be one of our first!