36 week appt :)

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36 week appt :)

An "easy" cm - both in that it is not high (she said normally they have to reach WAY back to find it) and that it wasn't a stretch to say it was a cm it's more like a little over a cm. 30% effaced and -2 (how does that work? What are the stations - does that mean she's high or dropped?). Weight gain to date 32 lbs, blood pressure and urine good. I can't remember what she said the HB was but it was good. With both DS's I was 1.5 cm and 30-50% effaced and my 36 week appts and with #1 I was 10 days late and induced and #2 I went to just a couple days before my due date so it will be interesting to see what this little girl does.

And I was really surprised she was telling me that usually with the third they don't drop - they like to float higher AND you usually stay closed longer and then just dilate faster. I would have thought the total opposite.

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-2 is still a little high, but she has dropped some. I'm at 0 station now which means her head is engaged in the pelvis and +4 means baby is crowning. Some websites have pics of diagrams that shows you the stations. I googled it because I was never told what station DS was at so that was all new to me. Sounds like you had a great appt! Smile

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Glad you had a good appt! My OB didn't ever tell me the stations last time. I remember learning about it in the Birth Class. I'm glad Jennifer knew what they were... I didn't remember... totally forgot it since my classes 2 years ago.

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Great appt! Maybe you will go sooner this time!?!?

I was just looking at a picture yesterday because I couldn't remember the stations either so I thought I would share this with you. Gives you a good idea. I'm at a -1..but I feel like maybe he has dropped more since yesterday


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That all sounds Great!That is interesting about the third baby! Hmmmm...

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Sounds like you had a great appt!

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Interesting about thrid baby...lol. That means Alli should just fall right out then huh? Smile

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Yep like Jen said, -4 is WAY up there, 0 is engaged on cervix, +4 is coming out Smile

Sounds like a great appointment!

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Congratulations on a great appointment Smile

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Congrats on a good appt. That's interesting about the third baby, I hope this one comes out quick and easy! I do have new stretch marks way up high so maybe he is higher than my first two. But at the same time I swear he's super low, maybe he just likes to stretch hehe.

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Sounds like a great apt. That is really interesting about 3rd babies. We will all have to compare after they are here.