36 week appt

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36 week appt

Today's appt wasn't with my normal MW, I had to see one of the OBs to get my VBAC consent/consultation. He said even though I had 2 c-sections I was still a perfect candidate because my first was for breech and my second was because of fetal distress. And once I began to actually dilate it went quickly, so it didn't look like I have an issue progressing (DD went into distress when I was at 7 cm). All that was good and went as I hoped.

The hiccup came when he measured my belly. I'm measuring over 40 weeks at 36 weeks. I've measured big the entire time and I've measured big with my other 2, so I'm not concerned. He doesn't know me though so he insisted I go for an U/S (tuesday morning) to get his okay for my VBAC. It annoys me because my MW, who has seem me through all my pregnancies and knows me, isn't concerned either and said she'd order an U/S only if I felt I needed one. I had a late U/S with DS1 to check to see if he was still breech and they guesstimated his size between 10 and 11 lbs. They said if I wasn't already a scheduled CS they would insist on an early induction. He was only 8-5! Not tiny, but by no means a monster! I'm so worried they'll miss measure again and ruin my VBAC. They will induce me, but after my water broke with DD I didn't go into labor right away so they basically induced and it was a disaster. I don't want that to happen again. I want to labor at home and spend the least amount of time at the hospital as possible! I just want this to go smoothly and easily. Ugh sorry for whining :).

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Fingers crossed that your U/S will go smooth & won't cause any problems. Hopefully it will work itself out for you & you can get the birth you want with a perfectly healthy LO as an end result. It is frustrating when you have to rely on a Dr that doesn't know you. I've been there.

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I'm sorry that the doctor didn't have the knowledge of you and your past necessary to be 100% in favor of your birth plan. I hope that the u/s doesn't reveal any results that would make him change his mind to scheduled c section, and just gives you a nice pic of your son!

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What's the deal with doctors and the weight guesses? I've never had a late u/s, but they were insisting the same with my sister-in-law with her third baby and she had Vaginal births for the first two. Kept saying he was going to be too big, but in the end, he was no where near what they thought and she pushed him out just fine. I also feel like unless your health or the baby's health is in jeapordy then an induction shouldn't be forced if you don't want it. Doctors are so induction happy. Crossing my fingers and toes that you are able to get to the end result you desire!

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Hoping the u/s goes smoothly and shows a normal size baby, so the dr will allow you to try for your vbac.

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Hey,, Karen! Just want to stop in and say HI!

Sorry that they are making you nervous, just remember you are in control and dont have to be forced to do anything..If you are feeling pressure, you can always opt for stripping your membranes versus pitocin..

Im a proud mama of a VBA2C.. Birth went perfectly and I didnt even go into labor with the first 2 pregnancies..

I also wanted to tell you that I started a March mama FB.. Here is the link. I know you dont have one, but we think you should join.. hehe.. There are quite a few of us on there since alot of us on FB...


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Hey Lauren!

Yes I'm trying to keep in mind that I'm the boss :). I plan on putting up as much of a stink as possible to get what I want. I'd much prefer my water broken over pitocin. After I sprung a leak with DD they started me on pitocin and it didn't do much, nothing really happened until they discovered an intact bag of water and once that was broken ouch! :). But that being said, I'll try to get out of an induction just because of size. They're just so inaccurate!

I read your VBAC birth story last year and it was amazing. I hope to follow suit! I'll get around to getting a FB eventually :).

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Don't let the OB discourage you. They have to find something that might be negative so that they feel useful. MY OB consult was very happy with my last U/S. Literally everything was PERFECT for a twin pregnancy. Except Baby B weighs 200 g more than A. He'd prefer A was the bigger baby. Ararrgghh!!! Never happy.

Don't let them get you down on your VBAC. It sounds like you know that the later the U/S the more inaccurate the weight estimate will be and Your M/W will likely have a better idea of what size baby is b/c she feels the baby. That's the info I'd go with. Don't be worried. You'll have a wonderful birth.