36 week appt

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36 week appt

Yesterday I had my 36 weeks check up. Weight gain was the same, bp was slightly high at 138/78, and she thinks baby is big Smile which I love to hear!

I have a herniated belly button, and she wants be to wrap my belly to keep it from coming out more, but I dont see how that is possible when I will continue to grow and labor really puts a strain on your abdomen, so hopefully it just stays the same and goes back in after baby comes. I am not worried about it at all.

I have my next sono on the 14th for baby size and such.

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sounds like a good appointment. I wouldn't be able to stand something wrapped around my belly, so I don't think I'd be trying to mess with it either.
That's nice that you get one last little look at baby before she makes her arrival.

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Sounds like a good appt. Yay for another peek at baby Smile

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I'm glad your appt went well :). And yay for big babies!