36 week appt today

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36 week appt today

Today we had the 36 week appt. Lost 1/2 lb., which is the first time I've lost weight!!! I'm just so stinking nauseous and have loose stools I can't eat much. Dr gave me permission to try a little zofran to take at night and maybe get me through the workday. Strep test came back negative! So one less thing to charge me for at the hospital. I am now 70% effaced and still dilated at a one. We discussed BH and real contractions again. I feel a LITTLE more confident in when I'm supposed to call her. With our long drive, it makes it kinda difficult to not jump the gun. I did measure a little behind, 35 1/2 weeks, but she figures it's because the baby has dropped a little more. She said it's still a little early to be thinking about delivering and I need to try to be a little more patient, but she does not foresee me walking around at 40 1/2 weeks pregnant. Sounds like my body is doing a good job preparing... in the last week I have developed nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, and had contractions every 5 minutes. Hoping to meet our little girl when she is good and ready, whenever that may be. With the 2 babies on our board, I'm just terribly excited!

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Sounds like you had a great appt! Yay for being negative for strep!

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Sounds like a good appt! It is exciting isn't it?

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Sounds like a good appt!

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Sounds like a good appointment - I know it's so tough to not get anxious about it all!

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Definitely sounds like your body is getting ready! Mine did all the same for DS! I'm glad you had a great apt, and I hope your LO stays in there for a little longer. I had a hard time with knowing the different between BH and real ones, but once the real ones came I totally knew. Since your body obviously knows what to do, I think when it comes time you will just know! Biggrin

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Sounds like a great appointment. Smile At this point, I head to the hospital only if contractions are too hard to walk or talk through... then it's the real thing! I have an hour drive too, AND a history of fast labors, but I'm confident that I will make it! Smile

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I'm glad your appt went well! With my first, I was just so darned excited to get her out & then she was 5 days late. This time I'm scared to death this one will come early & I sooooo don't want that. It's funny how things change. The end does seem to drag on when all you want to do is hold your LO... it will be here soon enough... & your life will never be the same. Smile