36 week belly pics!

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36 week belly pics!

What a difference 4 days makes! Wowza!!! :eek: No wonder why all my clothes are getting too small. LOL!

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You won't have that preggo belly too much longer. Smile Still look great though!

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She definitely looks to be in a different position. Your tummy looks more out there and pointy rather than higher and rounder, if that makes sense lol.

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Super cute tummy! Babies just love to make our skin and clothes stretch to the max, don't they?

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4 days did make a different. I agree. More "pointy" versus high and rounded. My shirts are doing the same thing. I'm always pulling on them to cover the bottom of the belly

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I think she's face down now. Before she was laying on her side and now her butt is poking out which is probably why my belly is more pointy now. LOL!

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You're looking great! Not too much longer now Smile

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Looking good! Mine is kinda doing the same thing. I don't think I look as big as I should but I feel like my belly is poking out now too instead of round.
You know it's time to have your LO when your maternity clothes don't fit anymore!

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Wow, that's crazy that it's just a 4 day difference! You look great though!!! Biggrin

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Hey, it takes you 4 days to use 2 rolls of tp! JK, you look like you are a different shape, maybe she has dropped?

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"OregonJewels" wrote:

Hey, it takes you 4 days to use 2 rolls of tp!

LOL! I was actually thinking that too when I was first comparing the pics! Smile