37 week appointment!

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37 week appointment!

Today I was 4 cm dilated, 90% effaced and 0 station! Maybe we will have our baby soon!

It's a little hard to imagine, but the doc assured me I would NOT make it to my due date.

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Woohoo!! That's awesome. Smile

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Wow! Sounds like you may have an easy labor ahead of you. Smile You're more progressed than I am and I had pre-term labor at 33 weeks!

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maybe there will be a group of us that go next week! I am just excited that I had no more progression today and might actually make it to 37 weeks!

It is getting so close Biggrin

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Wow! Some major progress towards a baby! I wonder who will be the first!

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Wow, I wonder who will go first! Congrats on the change Smile

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Glad you had a great appt! Now to see who's going to be first Smile

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Wow, so jealous, that sounds great!!!

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Lucky duck!!! Come on baby!!

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Congrats on being 40% in without having to labor through it!

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YAY It sounds like we're going to have a busy week coming up here!!!

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I will gladly take all of the predictions for an easy labor, but as of right now I am NOT in a race for being the first Oct. mommy. She can hang out in there another week or so, as long as I stay pretty comfortable (Although, the doc assures me she won't hang out in there much longer). We may be meeting some babies soon from the sound of it though.

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Wow... yay for progress! KUP!