37 week appt

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37 week appt

It was pretty routine. My BP was normal and no weight gain. The baby is still measuring 3 weeks ahead. She did check me and I am 50% effaced and 2 cm diliated. So we had a discussion and if Baby has not made his/her entrance by October 12th I will be induced 12th, 13th, or 14th.(whatever day the hospital has available) The doctor seems to think with the babies size it would be safer for us all to be induced a few days early. They did give me a flu shot yesterday. I have never had once before and today I am not feeling so hot. It could be complete coincidence

This is all becoming so real! I feel like I have a million things to do. I figure I will never be 100% ready.

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I'm glad you had a good appt. Hope you feel better too. I know what you mean about it coming too fast. I go on Tues for my csect & feel so behind.

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Flu Shot

I'm glad your appointment went well. From what I've heard, it's pretty typical to not feel very well after getting your first flu shot. My husband got his very first flu shot ever last year in October and he didn't feel to great afterwards. The doctor said it's probably because he had never had the shot before. My husband got the flu shot again this past Tuesday, and he had no problems whatsoever the second time around.

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Good luck! It'll be nice having a concrete date if you don't go before then. I usually feel a little funny after getting a flu shot - it's your body fighting off the medicine and creating really great antibodies for you and your baby! It's worth the crummy feeling now for the payoff later.

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Sounds like you had a good appt! I always feel kinda crummy the two days after the flu shot, but a million times better than if I did get the flu. Must be exciting to have a fairly concrete day if you don't go earlier!

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Sounds like a great appointment and pretty cool to have some idea of dates. Personally I do not get the flu shot regardless of pregnancy. I have never in my life gotten the flu and I've taught both in elementary schools and in childcare. Maybe I should have this year since I was pregnant, but I'm not sure I will. Hope you get to feeling better over the weekend.