37 week appt

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37 week appt

I had an ultrasound to determine the size of the baby. He is 21 1/2 inches long and his guesstimated weight is 6 lbs 11 oz. He's extra long and skinny. How he managed to get so long is beyond me. His dad is 5'2 and I'm 5'4. :eek: My dad, however, is 6'4, so I guess we'll see! Smile I'm also 50% effaced, but I'm not dilated at all. That was a big disappointment because it's pretty obvious that my boy isn't very comfortable all cramped up inside me. I think I heard him sigh very heavily from disappointment when he got the bad news. Poor little guy. Poor Mom, too.

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At least you are making some progress! My little man was 6lbs 12ozs at 36 weeks and 5 days. I never asked that the length though! Would have been neat too know.

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Sorry you haven't started to dilate yet, BUT really it doesn't mean much. There are women out there who have NO hint of dilation until labor starts and then BAM, they just do it all at once! Hang in there.

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Sorry you haven't dilated any. I haven't dilated at all either but they say some women don't dilate until they're in active labor so I'm hoping I'm one of them.

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Hopefully your LONG little man will help you dilate soon and you'll be meeting him before you know it!

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sorry it wasn't what you wanted to hear. But how crazy would it be if your LO ended up tall like your dad? It could happen. Hang in there! Not too much longer now.

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What a tall guy :). I bet the next few weeks he will chub up a bit though. Don't worry about the progress! It really doesn't mean anything. I don't really dilate before going into labor. Actually I was super amped to be 2 cm at 40 weeks with DD and then after my water broke and I went to the hospital I was back down to 1cm! I didn't even know that could happen, but they assured me it happens all the time :rolleyes:.

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What a long boy. Sorry you haven't diliated yet. Maybe you will make some progress this week.

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wow! that is a long baby!!!

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What a long little boy! Hope you start making some progress soon!

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Thanks, guys, for your good vibes and empathy. I feel more sorry for him than I do for me. I can handle the discomfort. He just seems to be so uncomfortable.