38 week appt

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38 week appt

I survived another drive to St Louis and met with the Dr. Same old, same old stuff. I dilated a little bit more but still at a 1 (1 and 3/4 now), effaced 75-80%. She went ahead and did a membrane sweep... YOWSERS! That was a little more intense than I had planned for. She said she thought it took well and I should hopefully start having contractions in the next 3 days to get things rolling. She said she doesn't plan to see me next week at our scheduled appt, but in the hospital. Of course, no promises. I had a few contractions already but just VERY crampy. I'm hoping this will get the ball rolling and meet our little girl soon!

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I hope the membrane sweep works for you, it is really a 50/50 thing, it never did much for me except HURT!

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Hope it works for you. I never had it done with my girls but am thinking about asking her to do it on Thursday. Maybe it will get things working for me and I can deliver over the weekend.

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Sounds good!!! I have had a membrane sweep work to put me in labor 4 out of 5 times!!! The first time was within 48 hours, the next two that worked were within 2 hours, and with my most recent I started contracting about 4 hours later. Hope it works for you!

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I hope the sweep works. My doctor has tried twice but I'm not even a full fingertip dilated so he wasn't able to. It wasn't too painful for me, just frustrating since he couldn't do it.

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I hope it works! I can't wait to see pics of your beautiful little girl!

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Good luck! Hope we get a new pumpkin pie soon!

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Hope it works for you!!

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I'm hoping it worked for you!

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Good Luck!! I hope it works!!

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Hope the membrane sweep works for you!

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Definitely having some cramping and BH contractions... not sure if it will amount to anything but at least we tried!