38 week appt

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38 week appt

Everything went fine, urine was fine, BP was a bit high for me but not too bad (119/58), I gained another 5 lbs lol. That means I'm gaining 2.5 lbs a week now, so I'm up 20 total. I've had no appetite lately, but I'm swelling really badly so there isn't much I can do about that weight gain.

I'm still measuring humongous, 42 almost 43 weeks at 38+1. We went over the size U/S from last week, my fluid is at 17 with normal being between 5 and 20, so plenty of fluid :p. He's right on the border of "too big" for them to just let go. So that means for now it's up to me. Since I want to avoid an induction we'll wait and see. She had me schedule an appointment for next week, usually it's just 38 then 40 weeks and weekly only if you're past your EDD. She said she wanted to do another membrane sweep to get things going and just to check on him in general.

Oh yeah, she did a membrane sweep today too. I'm only dilated to 1cm, but honestly I was happy with that because I never really dilate before going into labor. Obviously it would have been nice to hear I was 4 or 5 cm in with all the pre labor I've been having, but I know that's just not the way it goes with me :). My MW is going to be delivering at the hospital all week so she said I should try to have him this week hehe. If only it was that easy right? I've never actually seen her at the hospital for my other 2, it would be nice if she could deliver this guy!

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Overall it sounds great. Hope you get to meet your little guy this week!

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Sounds like good news. Hope the sweep works some magic for you!

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Sounds like a good appointment! Hope the sweep works for you.

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Hopefully you can see her this weekend! I swelled a lot with my son, its not very fun! Everything else looked pretty good though!! Biggrin

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Good to hear that you had a positive appointment. I commiserate on the big baby issue. Mine's not so large that we are talking induction, but he's large enough to make himself and me really uncomfortable. I feel for you. May you deliver soon, painlessly, and quickly. That should probably be our mantra for all of us October mommas.

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I hope he comes soon so you can avoid inductions.