38 week appt

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38 week appt

Well, I finally have an eviction date for my sweet LO. If my child has not made their appearance by the 12th I will check in the hospital that night. I will have get inserted in my cervix the night of the 12th and then the big show will be on the 13th. I am so ready to meet my LO and all of the excitement that goes with it but I do have to say I am a bit nervous about it all. I am sure that is normal.

My doc took me out of work for a few days. My BP was a little high so she decided I should take a few days a rest. Luckily I can work from home. I have been a big ole stress ball for a few days so I was not suprised it was high.

That was my last dr's appt for my pregnancy. I can't believe it is so close!!

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that's exciting! Sorry your BP was high, but hurray for some rest and being able to work from home. Put those feet up and enjoy a few days off before life gets really crazy with a newborn!

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Exciting! Hope the rest does your body some good, enjoy it.

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That's great that you have a set in stone date! I'm sure you guys are so ready to find out what you're having Smile

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Having the date set is a great feeling! Hope you are able to go on your own before then. Best Wishes

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Oct 13 sounds like the perfect day to have a baby. Yay! And yes it is totally normal to be nervous. You can DO it Mamma.

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Get some rest! Glad to hear you're happy having a date set!